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Here you can find all the links to the amazing contents made by the player base. From a very detailed gene reader to parts’ moves and stats. It’s extremely useful, so be sure to check them out!


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Full Encyclopedia of trait’s stats and moves. Here you can find and read how much damage, defense and accuracy has your move and also all their unique effects

Trait’s Stats and Moves

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Curious to see how the Axie market is doing or a quick way to know how much your Axie is worth? Head over to the Axie Sales page, where you can see all the Axies that have ever been bought or sold, including yours! 

Axie Sales

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Some parts are rarer than others and vice versa. Your Axie might look ugly, but it could be made of really rare parts! To see all the parts that have ever existed, head over to this page. 

Trait Count

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Mutations are a big thing in CryptoKitties. Axies, however, mutate a bit differently. Purebreds are held at a high value since they can breed new species! Check out this page to see all Axies in existence sorted out by the purity.

Parts Purity Filter

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Want to know if you Axies have recessive or dominant traits? Want to go back to those CryptoKitties days where you were an expert gene reader? Take a nostalgia trip and check out the gene reader!

Gene Reader

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Need the lastest and greatest info on your favorite blockchain game? Then look no furhter than Axie Stats!

Axie Statistics

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To find the perfect match for your Axies, check out the breeding calculator! It can tell you what the offspring would probably look like based on the parents.

Breeding Calculator

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Want to know which axies are your best tank or best damage dealer? — Check this awesome tool and create your own unstoppable teams

Team Builder

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Don’t want to look for escrow to trade your axies or you just don’t trust other people — Use boxswap to trade your axies using all advantages of Ethereum and smart contracts.

Swap your Axies

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Curios how battles are working and want to try them for free ? You can do that right now just try this tutorial and fight with free to use axies!

Battle Tutorial

by Axie Infinity

DaapsUniverse is a place with a lot tools that will help you to manage your Axies better. There you can find Pure Breeding Helper, check which of your Axies are listed on marketplace and many others!


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Enjoy to sync pending experience for all of your Axies in one click.

Mass Sync

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Curios which part is best for your tank or damage dealer? Check tierlist with best parts graded from S to C and try to get them all!

Part Tierlist

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Queue all your teams with Axies in one click

Just Queue

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Another list of items in Lunacia World

List of Items V2

Simple list of all items of Lunacia

List of All Items

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Simple tool to check prices on items with various amount of filters

Land Items Marketplace Assistant

by RivAngE

Are you curios which land on market close to yours? Check this tool and find out, also you can use it in trades with other people and see what they have and what you can offer

Axie Sales Map

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